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Driving Methods

Mike Fisher’s Driving School offers MTO approved beginner driver education courses. We provide both the mandatory 20 hours held within the classroom and 10 hours of in car lessons, 10 hours of homework. On top of that, students are presented with situational awareness examples that instill a safety conscious driving ethic. Our in-class location is a bright and always kept clean. We use a local hotel facility for training because it offers other amenities such as restaurants and large washroom facilities. Our in class room vibe is always fun and upbeat yet remaining educational using a combination of lecture, hands-on re-enforcement of class material, along with video and slide material. This prepares our students to be the best and safest drivers they can be. Our courses are available year round and are offered in a variety of time slots depending on the time of year.

Our classroom sessions are designed to work around the busy schedule of our students. Our one-on-one in car training provides a stress free learning experience where the student gets customized instruction to practice only those driving skills that have not been mastered yet. Our package costs are fully disclosed on our course pages. There are no additional fees.

Mike Fisher’s Driving School equips students with not only the skills to drive on the road, but also the skills to survive on the road. Mike Fisher’s Driving School wants the best for our students, so we equip them with the skills to enjoy a lifetime of driving freedom. The safety of our students is and always will be our #1 concern. If you have any questions regarding our Driving School Cobourg, please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.