We are Proud of our Student Testimonials

These are testimonials for Mike Fisher’s Driving School from former students:

l’m stoked! Thanks so much Mike. Seriously rewarding experience.

Michelle W. 2019/10/05

Great experience. Learned lots. Well worth the money.

Kate M. 2018/04/15

Join this program because it’s fun and you gain a lot of knowledge about real life on the road.

— Graham D. 2018/09/15

I liked the fact that it was very easy, and I liked the people I met.

Gavin Piper 2018/04/15

It’s the best learning experience for driving you’ll get.

Ben H. 2018/09/15

Great school. Awesome learning experience.

— Gracie M. 2018/04/15

The best driving school. Super fun.

Alison M. 2018/04/15

This is an excellent driving course.

Nicholas M. 2018/04/15

It’s a fun program where you learn a lot while having fun.

— Ambrosia D. 2018/09/15

Very interesting and fun. Made me want to learn. They are the best of the best

Kaden C.M. 2018/09/15

Mike is a down to earth guy with a great attitude. Excellent teacher.

Andrew B. 2018/04/15

It was fun and interesting and Mike is entertaining.

— Alexandria V.S. 2018/09/15

Kind, honest and patient. 10/10

Alexander K. 2018/11/15

You should go do drivers ed with Mike because his program is great.

Evan P. 2018/09/15

Mike is a very good teacher and it’s a fun course.

— Katherine C. 2018/09/15

Great reputation. Casual setting.

— Justine G. 2018/08/17

Fun 4 days and very entertaining.

Adam S. 2018/09/15

Felt very comfortable being a foreign national. The teacher kept the classroom relaxed and interactive.

— Arti J. 2018/09/15

Mike is an amazing Driving Instructor.

— Ryan Davies 2018/08/17

A unique way of learning and perfect. Great experience.

Mackenzie E. 2018/09/15

You are able to learn lots in 2 short weekends and the teaching is great.

— Kamryn P. 2018/09/15

Excellent teacher. He helped me to retain information.

Brendan L. 2017/06/25

Everyone knows Mike Fisher is the best.

Hannah Brook 2017/08/17

You should really go see Mike Fisher.

— Josh L. 2017/06/25

Great program. Never boring.

Miranda S. 2017/06/25

He keeps you involved and interested.

Nolan S. 2017/06/25

What a unique approach to teaching. And I’m a teacher!

— Daniella C. 2017/06/25

Mike knows what he’s talking about. You’ll want to pay attention.

Micheal A. 2017/06/25

This is the school to attend because Mike actually cares that students are learning.

Catherine C. 2017/06/25

It was awesome. Built up my knowledge and confidence.

— Elizabeth H. 2017/06/25

I liked everything. Kept me focused, yet we had a lot of fun. Not like school at all.

Jessica St-Onge 2017/08/17

Mike’s a great teacher and knows all about the safety for students.

William McGregor 2017/08/17

Mike is friendly and funny, and he knows what he’s talking about.

— Noah Campbell. 2017/08/17

Mike made every activity fun and gave us great ways to remember things.

Mike Fisher’s program is the best.

Mira Darling 2016/01/09

Mike is awesome and is easy to understand.

Allyn Whitehead 2016/01/09

Mike is a chill cool guy and you won’t regret taking his drivers ed.

— Taylor Peacock. 2016/01/09

Very happy with this driving school! Thank you.

AJ Wood 2016/01/09

Mr. Fisher is very nice, knowledgeable and personable guy. It’s clear he enjoys his job and makes learning fun, and really covers safety procedures. He is a lot of fun and is doing this for our benefit. It was a very fun and healthy place to be.

— Brianna Foss 2016/01/09

Mike is the Homie!!!

MJ Moffat 2016/01/09

Mike was awesome. You will have a fun time and gain the experience you need.

— Tricia Mason 2016/01/09

Go see Mike bro.

— Chase McAllister 2016/01/09

These guys are not only the real deal but they’re Great!!! My son Jesse is enrolled in their school as we speak and he truly enjoys it. Don’t bother spending the exorbitant amount with Young Drivers when you can have the same for half the amount for the same thing. I highly recommend them and wish I knew of them when my eldest son went for his schooling. You guys Rock!!!!!

Carol Borg. 2016/03/01

I liked the teacher the most because he knows how to teach students and he teaches the information that we need to know in an enjoyable way.
The teacher is really good at teaching so different learning types understand.

Robyn Stronge 2015/07/04

I liked the way Mike made things fun. I would tell people that Mike makes things fun while we learn valuable info.

Julia Grubb 2016/01/09

I would tell other students that the teacher is a great guy and you will come out of this course with the mind of a safe and experienced driver.
The thing I liked least about the experience was the beginning when I almost got scammed and put in a different class (run by another school at the same location) with a teacher pretending to be Mike.

— Ethan Barlow 2015/07/04

As a new comer to this country it is hard for immigrants to commute to their destinations. I would say having your driver license you are meeting one of your basic necessity which makes you very independent. I am very proud to have great instructor for my driving lessons, he is very passionate, knowledgeable, patience and dedicated to his work. I had wonderful time and fun to learn all driving techniques got my license in first attempt. I would recommend all of you to join and have a similar experience.

— Swathi Manjunatha 2015/01/04

I liked my teacher Mike Fisher the best. He was very good at keeping everyone involved in the lessons. I would tell other students that Mike is a very fun and outgoing teacher, so it’s easy to follow along with the lessons

— Alexandra Armstrong 2015/07/04

This was such a great class. Very thorough, interesting, and all around a fun educational class.

— Jessica Kulla 2015/09/22

Best school in the area. Useful skills learned.
I was taught things I did not know before.

Jaslyne Golaz 2015/07/04

He has a very, very high pass rate.

— William Findlay 2015/09/22

I was really fortunate to get Mike as my driving instructor. Compared to the driving instructors from my home country, Mike’s instructions were very precise and in-depth. Actually, only after taking lessons from Mike I had the confidence to drive.
He was so patient with me and the clarity of his instructions are really worth mentioning.

On top of all, the examiner who assessed my driving during the driving test commented that, “Just do whatever he taught you, he is one of the best instructors around.

Sheela K. 2015/08/04

One thing remembered about the driver training experience. It was always fun.

— Hannah Sherk 2015/09/22

It was interesting and interactive. I learned a lot

— Carter Macklin 2015/09/22

I would tell other students (at school) that this is the best driving school you could ever attend.

Julie Goold 2015/08/04

Fun, but also helpful for learning. It’s bitchin bro!

— Dennis Kulla 2015/09/22

I got my G2. If you want yours go here.

— James Hope 2015/09/22

It’s Great.

Tyler Smith 2015/08/04

A Stress Free Way to Learn To Drive.

I was intimidated with all the little things that you have to remember when you are driving. Before taking the course with Mike, my boyfriend offered to teach me. I was a nervous wreck after the first lesson. I had to bail out of the drivers seat because I was shaking like a leaf. I almost decided not to get my licence.

From the time I entered the driving training classroom, I noticed that the environment was relaxed, but no-nonsense was tolerated. We were all there to learn. Mike treats everyone like adults but he also expects you to act like one. Questions were answered simply and concisely, there was never any rambling answers. You can tell that he has been teaching for a long time, because he always had an answer at the tip of his tongue for any situation that people would ask about.

As you take sections of the class training, there are small quizzes and exercises that are used to help re-enforce what you just learned. It really helped me to remember all the key driving material. I was a bit surprised to find that there were homework exercises, but it just makes sense that driver education would have the same basic learning mechanisms that other education would have. That being said, the homework was one of the things that helped us to prepare for the next set of classes, and helped me to retain the material.

The first time I got into a car with Mike, I was nervous. After all, I had had a very bad experience trying to learn from my boyfriend. Within minutes however, Mike put me at ease. He did not rush into getting me onto the street. He spent a few minutes reviewing everything, getting the seat, mirrors and driving wheel adjusted to my height, and then we just talked a bit about what we were going to do and why.

Needless to say, I did well with Mike’s approach, and I got my licence.

I would recommend him to anyone.

Sandy Verdechia 2014/12/09

I Even Learned to Parallel Park

I could sort of handle a car on the street when I took the training from Mike. I had some of the basics down from practicing with my mom, but there were some things that I just could not wrap my head around.

One of these was parallel parking. From talking to most of my friends, this is the bane of most student drivers.

I was stunned when Mike showed me how to master it in 10 minutes. I showed my mother, and he was similarly amazed. She would usually drive around and around looking for a parking spot that she could drive into frontwards. It took me 15 minutes to show her what Mike taught me. Now she no longer avoids parking on the street.

Needless to say, I passed my road test.

Natalie Brooks 2014/12/09

I Learned Stuff About Cars

I expected to cover all the basics of driving, but I was surprised that Mike covered some car maintenance basics during class. Changing a tire, checking oil, and getting gas were all covered. More importantly, he also spent time emphasizing to us that different vehicles have different issues that can lead to accidents. The most important is that there are many cars on the road with large blind spots.

He showed us how to set our mirrors to minimize any blind spots. I have not ever heard of anyone else telling a person to set mirrors the way he showed us. In fact, I have looked online, and I can honestly say, most of the sites that show you how to set rear view mirrors on cars are just wrong. I showed my dad who has been driving for 25 years, and he was amazed at how much better it works. It just makes sense for each mirror to have a different but somewhat overlapping view of the road behind and to the sides of the car.

This is only one example of some of the interesting things that I learned.

The best thing is that all this extra knowledge helped me pass my G1 Exit test and my G2 exit tests on the first try.

Brian Rhodes 2014/12/09

Passing Each of My Road Tests Was Easy!

Mike makes learning to drive a fun experience. He is a very knowledgeable.

He has a no-nonsense approach and controls the classroom environment. It is amazing how much material he covered during our instruction sessions, and more amazing is how much of it I retained. I which he had been my math teacher!

In any event, he showed me simple ways to deal with common road situations that you need to master before you can pass your road test. Parallel parking was something that I had been having some issues with, and I was surprised to learn how easy it is once you know a few basics about it. Passing, making left turns at busy intersections, merging into traffic on highway on-ramps and even simple stuff like proper braking and signaling were all covered.

Because of his teaching techniques, I passed both of my class G road tests on the first try.

Ben Bringleson 2014/12/09

I Really Learned Safe Driving Techniques

Mike Fisher put a lot of time and effort into driving safely in both the classroom training and the driving lessons. On a regular basis in the classroom he would ask questions as to what you would need to do in various situations to be safer.

One particular technique that I use a lot is to better position your car in the intersection when waiting to make a left hand turn so you can better see on-coming traffic. I have avoided a couple of situations now where I might have been T-boned if I did not know what he showed us.

The key thing that he emphasizes is anticipating other drivers. In effect, you try to think about what you would do if they did something stupid. If they do something rash, then you already have your escape path planned.

I know that I am a much better driver than I would have been if I had not taken a course from Mike.

Darlene Prevost 2014/12/09

I Wish I Had Gone With Mike First!

If you can believe it, I had to renew my beginner’s licence because my first one had expired, and I still did not know how to drive. I had fluked two road tests and was pretty discouraged. All because I was trying to save money by having other people teach me.

All I got was terribly confused. Each one of them would tell me things that often contradicted what one of the others had told me. I did not know who to believe.

Once I got in Mike’s classroom I was amazed at all the misconceptions that I had. But Mike dealt with all of them. Many of them he brought up because other students he had taught in the past had similar points of confusion. Others were because of questions from students.

He was calm and patient when I was driving on the road, and he would take me on practice road tests every couple of lessons so that we could both be sure what it was I already knew. It was a great way to learn.

The best thing is that, once I trained with Mike, I got my licence the next time I tried.

Evelyn Shoust 2014/12/09

Passed my G2 Driving Licence Test on my First Try!

I was a little bit intimidated by the whole process of getting my drivers licence. I am not mechanically inclined, and somehow I thought that you had to be like a mechanic to drive a car. Maybe that is because my dad always drove junkers that he was always fiddling with.

When I got into the class, I was surprised that the material was presented in a very straightforward manner. Mike has great technique in the classroom by getting the key points across so that you remember them. There were even some simple in-class exercises that we did to re-enforce what we had just learned. So everything just sort of stuck in my head.

In the car, Mike was the picture of patience. I am such a klutz most of the time, but he was very nice about getting me to settle down and focus on the act of driving. He helped me to see that one of the secrets of being a good driver is to anticipate what would happen if other drivers made a mistake, like cutting me off or something like that. The more time I spent behind the wheel, the more comfortable I became. Pretty soon, handling the car was almost like second nature.

Every couple of lessons, Mike would run me through a simulated road test so he could better assess if there was something that I had not mastered yet. Then we practiced that item until I had it cold. It is really a great way to do things. It is just like doing chapter tests in school so you can be sure that you understand the material before the final exam.

It all worked though, and I can honestly say that with Mike’s training, I got my G2 licence on my first try!!

Sharon Johnson 2014/12/09

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