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Unrivaled Driving Test Success

Our cumulative success rate for first attempts on G1 Exit driving tests is nearly perfect.

Videos About Getting Your Driving Licence In Ontario.

Class G Driving Videos

For the convenience of our Cobourg, Port Hope and Peterborough driver training students, here are a series of informational videos about getting a driving licence created by the Government of Ontario (MTO). They will walk you through the driving instruction requirements and testing you can expect at each level of your graduated Class G licence.

The first video addresses the following concerns or questions:

  1. What is graduated licensing in Ontario?
  2. How to get a graduated licence in Ontario?
  3. What is a g1 licence in Ontario?
  4. How do you get a g1 licence in Ontario?
  5. What is the g1 written test?
  6. Where Do I Write a G1 (Beginners Permit) written test?
  7. How Do I Book A G1 written test?
  8. What is involved in the g1 driving test in Ontario?
  9. How To Get A License In Ontario.
  10. How To Get A Driving License In Ontario.
  11. How To Get Your G1 In Ontario.
  12. How To Get Your License In Ontario.
  13. How Long Does The Graduated Licence Program Take?
Part 1- Getting Started – How To Get Your Ontario Drivers Licence Beginner Permit (G1).

This video gives you the information that you need to sign up for and get your Beginner’s permit. This is the starting point for anyone who wants to get a new driver licence in Ontario.

It also explains the graduated licensing system, minimum time frames for getting your full class G licence, restrictions on driving at each level, and how to proceed from level to level.

See our FAQ Pages for More Information on where to get your Driver’s Handbook.

The second video answers the following concerns or questions:

  1. Restrictions and Limitations Driving With Your G1 Permit.
  2. What are the Advantages Of Using A Driving School?
  3. What to expect on my G2 Road Test.
  4. How Do I Pass G2 Road Test Ontario?
  5. How To Pass G2 Road Test Ontario.
  6. How To Drive With a G1 Licence.
Part 2 – Driving With Your G1 License.

This video shows you what driving restrictions are imposed on you with you G1 level licence.

In summary they are:

  1. Zero Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
  2. Everyone in the Car Must Be Wearing Seat Belts
  3. No Driving Between Midnight and 5:00am
  4. No Driving on High Speed (over 80 kph) highways
  5. Accompanied by a Full Class G Driver who has:
    • At least 4 full years of experience
    • Unimpaired (<.05 BAC, or 0 BAC if they are less than 21)

This video highly recommends that you train at an MTO approved driving school such as Mike Fisher’s Driving School.

Getting your driver training at a Ministry approved school will cut up to 4 months off of the time it takes you to get your full G2 licence. On top of that, it will also get you significant discounts on your car insurance. These discounts may be significant enough to more than cover the cost of driver training in the first place.

The third video discusses the following concerns or questions:

  1. How To Drive With Your G2 Licence?
  2. Driving Restrictions With Your G2 Licence.
  3. What Roads Can I Drive On With My G2 Licence?
  4. What Times Can I Drive With My G2 Licence?
  5. How Long Does It Take To Get My Class G Licence?
Part 3 – Getting Your G2 Licence

This video shows the process that you need to follow leading up to your G1 exit test to get your G2 level licence.

Once you have had your G1 licence for 12 months (or 8 months if you have taken training from an MTO driver training school), you are able to take you G2 Road test at an Ontario Drive Test Center.

Your G2 licence removes many of the G1 licence restrictions, and allows you to drive on any highway with few restrictions.

The Driving Tester will verify that you have control of the car, and that you obey the laws of the road. The Driver’s Handbook Outlines what to expect on these tests.

Mike Fisher’s Driving School is available to do practice runs with you to ensure that you have developed the skills to pass your G2 Test.

The fourth and final video explains the following concerns or questions:

  1. How To Get A Full G Class License In Ontario.
  2. What to Expect On My G2 Exit Test.
  3. What Will I Be Tested On When Getting My Full G Licence.
  4. How Do I Book My Full G Road Test?
  5. What Can I Do To Improve My Chances Of Passing A Class G Road Test?
  6. Driving Restrictions With A Full Class G Licence.
Part 4 – Getting your Full Class G Licence

This video is an overview of what you have to do for your G2 exit test to get your full class G licence in Ontario.

After 12 months of driving with your G2 Licence you can book a full Class G driving exam with a drive test center.
The Testers are looking for a much higher degree of confidence in a driver, and will expect you to sign a declaration of the number of hours you have driven on high-speed highways. Essentially they are checking your performance in regular traffic, but will focus on highway driving. They want to see that you are changing lanes properly, that you merge into traffic effectively, and that you are a much more seasoned driver.

(See your Drivers Handbook for what will be tested for more details.)

For an extra ‘Per Hour’ fee, Mike Fisher’s Driving School is available to do practice runs with you to ensure that you have developed the skills to pass your full class G Licence Road Test.