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Speed Trap Cameras Launched July 6, 2020 In Toronto

Speed Enforcement Camera

The City of Toronto has installed 50 automated speed enforcement cameras and have begun issuing tickets to drivers who speed as of July 6, 2020.

The cameras are primarily in neighbourhoods which feature community safety zones, schools, and other areas the city where drivers are prone to speed. Signs are posted advising motorists when they are driving through a community safety zone that has an automated camera in place. Just remember though that the cameras can be relocated by the city on a regular basis.

How the Speed Enforcement Cameras Work
If a vehicle a vehicle is speeding, the camera will snap a photo of it, including the licence and upload it to a cloud computer. Images are reviewed by people before a ticket is issued to the owner of that vehicle (usually within 30 days of the offence regardless of who was driving it).

If the owner of the vehicle is required to pay the fine, no matter who was driving. No demerit points will result, and the car owner’s driving record will not be impacted by the fine. But the costs can add up quickly.

If a vehicle is caught speeding between 1 km/h and 19 km/h over the posted limit, the owner of that vehicle will be fined $5 per kilometre.

The fines will increase to $7.50 per kilometre if the vehicle is travelling between 20 km/h and 29 km/h, and $12 per kilometre for speeds between 30 km/h and 49 km/h above the limit.

How Does a Speeding Ticket Affect Auto Insurance?
Racking up speeding fines can have an impact on you auto insurance premium. One speeding ticket might not lead to a premium increase. However, accumulating many tickets, being caught racing, or having your licence suspended may lead to a spike in premiums. In extreme cases, the Insurance Company may refuse to insure the owner.

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